KahlownLite – Free Screen Capturing Software and Screen Recorder

KahlownLite is free screen capturing software and screen recorder that you can use to take screenshots, and make screen recordings. You can also use this software to secretly record screen to watch someone’s screen activities. It has great recording features and a knack for taking stills of someone’s screen.

You may want to use this to watch your children while they use the computer. You will gain a little peace of mind while monitoring who your child chats with, or what they are exposed to on a social network. It might be used to make sure your employees are utilizing their time properly. If you see too much solitaire being played then it might be time to have a little talk.

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  • Capture Video: When this program is in stealth mode it will record a computer screen as a video without the computer user knowing it. The AVI file can then be reviewed by the sneaky person who is using it. It can be configured to automatically run when the computer is started up. If the person locks the computer to step away for a little while then the program will pause until they resume whatever activity they were doing before. The program will then start recording again. It can record video in three different color depths; 32 bit, 24 bit, and 16 bit.
  • [advt]Capture Screen: There is another option for recording what the person is doing on their computer. You can just set the Kahlown where it will take pictures of the screen every few seconds and will file those screen shots where you can easily tell when the screen shot was taken. You can sort and determine at what point in time the employee or child was on the particular site.
  • Security: Kahlown is protected with a password that the administrator knows. If there is some way that the person you are monitoring finds out that they are being watched, then they will not be able to sign into the program and erase anything or tamper with your program. You will be the only one who has any control over the program as the administrator unless you allow someone else access.

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