Just Move Your Face to Control Mouse – Camera Mouse

Camera Mouse is free software that lets you control mouse by just moving your face. It detects movement of your face via webcam, and moves mouse on the screen accordingly. You can also do single click and double click on the mouse with your face. You just need to have a webcam to use Camera Mouse.

Camera Mouse was originally created for those with disabilities. You can essentially browse internet easily, without a need to use your hands (you can use an on screen keyboard to type characters, just by using mouse).

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How to Use Camera Mouse?

To use Camera Mouse, you first install the Camera Mouse software on your computer. Once you start Camera Mouse, it will show a screen which will show the image that is being captured by your webcam. You need to get your face in that image. After that, you need to identify some feature on your face that will serve as the tracking point for this software to control mouse movement. Choosing your nose is a good option.

After that, Camera Mouse takes over. When you move your face, Camera Mouse will move the mouse cursor accordingly on screen. To click on something, just hold your mouse cursor on that part for some time, and it will do a single click. It also comes with an option for double click.

[advt]Camera Mouse is quite incredible software. You can use it with any program in Windows. You can browse the web; do simple painting, and much more. If you want to pass the control back to your physical mouse, you can just move your mouse, and Camera Mouse will stop tracking movement of your face.

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