Joli OS – Service Your Old Computer to Access Jolicloud Desktop

Joli OS allows you to press into service an old computer with the sole purpose of using it to access your Jolicloud desktop, with the added bonus that you can also access files stored on your hard drive as well as in the cloud. You may never need to buy a new computer again.

Download Joli OS

[advt]There’s a standalone ISO file (choose the Linux option above) that you can download, burn to disc and then use to install Joli OS on a computer with no operating system. It installs Joli OS into its own folder on your boot drive, and then adds an option to boot into Joli OS to the Windows boot menu.

Joli OS is based on Linux, so there are plenty of desktop apps OpenOffice, VLC Media Player and so on, available in addition to the web-based content. These download and silently install in the background using its simple user interface. Loading times are quicker than those for a typical Windows system, but it’s not quite as fast as it’d like.

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