iZeit – Online PHP Calendar and To-Do List

izeit_logoiZeit is an easy to use online PHP calendar and to-do list. Key features offered by iZeit include:

  • Categories for different events.
  • To-do list with categories.
  • Multiple users with their own login, password and customisable settings.
  • Easy integration with other pages.
  • Popup information shown when you mouse over an event.
  • Customisable views and filters, to show items occurring on the same day, week, month or year.
  • Users can comment on events.
  • Public and private events.
  • Support for recurring events.
  • [advt]Import & Export to the iCal format.
  • No database needed
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL support.
  • Translations into Dutch, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Danish, German, Swedish, Russian, Greek, French and Polish.
  • Simple, user friendly control panel to make customization and management easy.
  • RSS feed to keep track of events.
  • PDF output to enable easy sharing and printing of events.
  • Mobile XHTML support for PDAs and Smartphones.


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