IXL Maths for LKG to Class 12 – Practice for Free


IXL Maths is a comprehensive maths practice program, covering more than 2,000 distinct maths topics in a progression from lower kindergarten to class XII.

All questions are algorithmically generated, meaning that every question is unique, and students will never see repeated questions, no matter how long they practise.

IXL maths is used in 160 countries, having special editions for various countries including India.

ixl-math-logoIXL’s India edition (in.ixl.com) features complete coverage from lower kindergarten to class XII maths and is completely aligned to the National Council of Education Research and Training(NCERT) curricula. Practice topics feature metric measurement, the Indian rupee and more. With IXL’s national curriculum alignments, you can easily find unlimited practice problems specifically tailored to each learning objective.

You can become a paid emmber or use the free service. Without an account, you can practise 20 problems a day for free.

IXL has mobile apps for iPad, Android and Kindle. If the IXL app is not available for your mobile phone or tablet, it works well on your tablet’s browser as well.

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