Iterasi – Web Archiving Applications for Regulator Compliance

Iterasi is web archiving technology applications specifically for regulatory compliance, litigation support, e-discovery, corporate brand heritage preservation, and online press tracking. It offers several products which you can find out about on the Iterasi Products page. It is the only archiving engine with TrueArchive technology, which allows creating valid archives of very complex pages (e.g., pages with complex technologies like AJAX, Javascript, Flash and more).

Iterasi allows you to capture web content from 5 different sources:

  • [advt]Entire Web Sites: Archives an entire web site or any branch within a web site regularly or on demand.
  • Individual Pages: Archives a single web page once or on a regular schedule.
  • RSS Feeds: Archives the contents of any RSS feed (e.g., blog feeds, Twitter feeds, etc.)
  • Topics: Monitors social media and news for keywords and archives the results.
  • Page Notary Tool: Archives any web page you browse with the click of a button, even password protected pages, or pages behind a firewall.

Iterasi is also capable of archiving documents that archived pages link to like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ZIP and PDF.



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