Internet Explorer 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the important keyboard shortcuts for effectively using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

  • Alt+C – pop open the Favorites/Feeds/History window
  • Alt+X – pop open the Tools (Cog icon) menu
  • Alt+Left/Right – move back/forward through your history
  • Ctrl+L – sets your keyboard focus to the One Bar (address bar), and selects the current URL (ripe for Ctrl+C!)
  • Ctrl+Shift+L – if you have a URL in your clipboard, this shortcut loads it; if you have a text string in your clipboard, it searches your default search engine for it (very cool)
  • Ctrl+D – add the current page to your Favorites (bookmarks)
  • Ctrl+B – organize your Favorites
  • Ctrl+J – opens the Download Manager
  • Ctrl+K – duplicates your current tab
  • Ctrl+Alt+P – pop open an InPrivate Browsing window
  • Alt+N – give focus to the new bottom-hugging Notification bar (then Enter for the first button, or Esc to dismiss it)
  • F12 – open the (fantastic) developer console (and once it’s open, and has focus, Alt+7/8/9/Q changes the rendering mode)

All of the usual key combinations such as Ctrl+T, Ctrl+W, Ctrl+N, Ctrl +, Ctrl -, work as well.

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