Microsoft Sponsoring Apache Software Foundation

Microsoft has become a platinum sponsor of Apache Software Foundation by donating $100,000. Microsoft commits to offer royalty-free specifications for Windows Server and .Net Framework protocols as part of its expanded support for the open-source community.

Google and Yahoo! are the other two platinum sponsors of the Foundation, and HP is a gold sponsor.

Microsoft also is providing code support to a project called ADOdb, which is a database abstraction library that allows PHP-based applications to communicate with a range of databases.

PHP is an open-source, freely available scripting language being widely used for Web development. I have been using the PHP ADOdb for MySQL database for a while and found it very useful. Microsoft is contributing code to the ADOdb project for native communication with SQL Server database driver.

In addition, Microsoft released updates to IronRuby, an implementation of the Ruby programming language for Microsoft’s .Net programming framework.

source computerworld via swatantryam

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