Incogna – Search Engine for Images

Incogna is another free image search engine. There are two features in it : First of all, it comes with auto complete feature. Secondly, it also lets you search for similar images. To search for similar images, just click on any image in the search result, and then Incogna will show you similar images to that image.

[advt]The major image search engines on the web today don’t even look at the content of their images, they’ve made themselves in text processing, so they only look at each image’s text meta-data. By using highly parallel processors, it processes the shape in every image and uses this to build a large scale searchable visual index. With typical desktop processors, this scale of processing is not computationally feasible. But by exploiting processor parallelism to an unprecedented degree, Incogna’s image search technology lets you explore visual data in a whole new way.

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