How to Kiss, How to Hack, How to Meditate?- Top Google India “How to” Queries

According to the 2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist India, it seems more people looked for ways to kiss, hack and meditate!

The most popular “How to” search queries in Google India were, “how to kiss“, “how to hack“, “how to meditate” and “how to study“, followed by “how to swim”, “how to draw”, “how to flirt”, “how to chat”, “how to concentrate” and “how to download”. Interesting!

nokia 5800” is the most searched mobile phone, while IRCTC (railway booking) is the most sought service. Bhuvan and Windows 7 are the two fast rising search queries.

Most popular celebrity names searched online in Google are katrina kaif, michael jackson, salman khan, aishwarya rai, shahid kapoor, kareena kapoor, shahrukh khan, angelina jolie, megan fox and sachin tendulkar.

Most popular Google search keywords are gmail, youtube, yahoomail, orkut, indian railways, yahoo, google, rediffmail, facebook and rediff.

Rahul Gandhi, followed by Indira Gandhi came as the top two popular Indian politicians, followed by Sachin Pilot, P Chidambaram, Mayawati, Sonia Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi.

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