How to Activate Fednet (Federal Bank Internet Banking)?

FedNet, the premium Internet Banking facility from Federal Bank, comes to you free, at the same time with lots of user conveniences and tight security features. As soon as your FedNet application is processed, a PIN Mailer will be couriered to you and your account will be enabled for VIEWING facility. However to have your account enabled for Transaction facility, it has to be activated either by acknowledging the PIN Mailer or by soft activation.

Activation by Acknowledgment

To acknowledge the PIN Mailer, sign the acknowledgment portion and send it to Federal Bank Central Processing Centre, in the addressed and postage paid envelope provided. The acknowledgment should be signed by the applicant himself and his signature should match Federal Bank records.

For joint accounts, the joint account holders would have already submitted a mandate (authorizing any one of them to operate the account through FedNet, singly) along with the FedNet application. In this case, the mandate holder should sign the acknowledgment.

By any chance, if you misplaced the acknowledgment portion of the PIN Mailer, you can also send us a letter in the following format:

[advt]From: (Name & Address)
CPC – FedNet Division,
Municipal building,
First Floor, Palace Road, Aluva-683101,     Kerala state, India.

I acknowledge the receipt of the FedNet user id & password. I agree with the terms & condition governing the issue of password.

So kindly enable my transaction facility.

My user ID:

A/C no:


(Name and address)

Federal Bank require hard copy of this by mail. Scanned copy or email cannot be accepted for security reasons.

Soft Activation

Soft activation of Transaction facility was introduced as a convenience to Federal Bank customers, for getting their FedNet facility activated faster. Soft activation can be resorted to, if Federal Bank system has registered some mandatory personal details in Federal Bank database. The steps involved are as follows.

  • You will receive one e-mail bearing a Soft Token.
  • Wait for 3-4 days.
  • You will receive the FedNet pin mailer containing your User Id, Login password and Transaction Password.
  • Login to FedNet using your User ID and Login Password
  • Click on the “Requests” tab on the top.
  • Now you can see another few options, out of that please select the option “Enable Transaction”.
  • Please provide the Soft Token which you have received through E-mail in the first field. Fill up the other personal details in the screen, and click on “Submit”
  • If you have provided the data correctly, your Transaction facility will be activated within 12 hours.
  • After activation you can transfer funds using your transaction password.

Reactivation of the facility

If your account got locked by any chance or if you forgot your password, kindly send a request by email to [email protected] from the email id you have registered with us. If there was any change in communication address in between, make sure it was registered with the bank or else the new PIN Mailer will go to the old address. You can contact your branch to get it modified in Federal Bank database.[source]


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