Hide Your Private Message in a Picture using Secret Picture

Secret Picture is a software that can embed text message into a graphic file. The result file looks exactly the same with the original but it contain a message inside.The text inside the pciture can read only by using this software.

With the help of the Secret Picture software, you  can share your private messages with your close friends, or business/commercial secrets with your partners,  you get protection of your confidential information from hackers, your boss, or your competitors.

The carrier files are fully functional and identical to the original files (except for the size), so if the message was hidden in a picture file, the picture can still be viewed normally. The program gives you options to hide a text message, or any files that you want. You can specify a password to extract the hidden files.

Secret Picture


  • [advt]Hide a message inside a graphic file.
  • Check(Read)if any message stored in a picture.
  • Protect your message with password
  • Send a ‘SecretPicture’ to a friend with e-mail.

Secret picture

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Secret Picture

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