Help Desk Solution for Business – Download Trellis Desk

Trellis Desk is free help desk software which provides assistance resources to problems with the products. It lets customers submit help tickets so that you can provide better customer service. It displays relevant articles in the knowledgebase before the users submit the new ticket. It helps you to reduce the ticket volume that you are to handle in the help desk.

Download  Trellis Desk 


  • Setup unlimited number of ticket departments. For example: Presales, After Sales, Billing and Customer Support
  • Automatically insert common responses such as Goodbye, You are Welcome and etc in one click
  • Users can escalate the ticket so that the ticket will be treated as priority
  • Perform moderation on a large number of tickets including hold, move, close, delete or reopen numerous tickets
  • Syndicate the tickets with RSS feeds
  • Customize the skin of your helpdesk by editing the templates and CSS in the control panel. You can also import new skins from your computer
  • Determine the priority of the tickets with user assigned priority levels including urgent, high, medium, and low,
  • [advt]Prevent users from entering specific area of the helpdesk
  • Restrict staffs from modifying certain functions in the ticket departments
  • Ticket assignment to a staff who can deal with the problem
  • Format the text with the rich feature text editor
  • Attach a file to the ticket
  • The language manager let you edit the language strings. You can also import and export new language packs. The official language that Trellis Desk use is English.
  • Create a knowledgebase department and fill it with articles to address common issues
  • Users can rate and leave their comments on the articles in the knowledgebase

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