Heello – Twitter Clone Launched by Twitpic Launcher

heello-logoThe Twitpic founder Noah Everett launched ‘Heello’ – a twitter clone. Heello, a feature-for-feature Twitter clone, right down to the “@” symbol and the pastel tones.

heello-screenshotThe start-up may or may not be motivated by vengeance, but it’s tough to ignore the fact that Heello was launched a day after Twitter announced its own photo-sharing service, which competes directly with third-party photo services built on Twitter’s API like Twitpic.

If Heello’s initial offering is any indication, they didn’t change much in the formula, but Everett says video and texting integration are on the way, as well as a feature called “channels” that allows listeners to be grouped together in a manner that sounds awfully similar to Google+ circles.

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