Gune Meta Search Engine for Mobile Devices with Google and Bing Results

Handcase, a Brazilian company, has just introduced its meta search engine named Gune. This search engine is designed for mobile devices. It searches Google and Bing and gives you the results in the same page. Gune optimizes the time of the user and to provide a superior experience with search.

The free application for all mobile platforms, can be downloaded from the address

Gune generates a search results page with ten results per search engine, tuned to the screen of phones and smartphones. Gune optimizes the time of the user, offering a more economical and better integrated with mobile search.

Gune meta search engine might be helpful if you search a lot using your mobile device. Gune means Site in Basque language.

Gune also offers a catalog of mobile websites and lets everyone suggest the inclusion of other mobile websites.

Gune now supports five languages English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

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