Gspace – Store Your Files at Gmail Server (4GB+)

The Gspace extension for Firefox allows you to use your Gmail mailbox space (currently 4.1 GB and growing) for storing your files online, just a few clicks away. The Gmail server acts as an online drive. You can upload any files from your desktop and access them from every Internet enabled computer having Firefox or Firefox variants like flock.

After the installation, you will get an option called “Gspace” in your “Tools” menu, which opens the GSpace window. The Gmail account accessed through the Gspace interface will look like an FTP window. Gspace is a cross-platform tool, so you can retrieve your files irrespective of your operating system. The left pane shows the files on your box, and the right pane shows files that have been transfered onto a Gmail account. You can transfer files up to 14MB.

Gspace comes with a built-in music player (Flash plugin). You can create a play list and listen to songs that you’ve uploaded to your account using Gspace. Gspace also has an image viewer to view image files uploaded to Gmail.

Check out the FAQ page if you have any further questions.

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