GoogleCL – Google Command Line Tool for Google Services

Google Unleashed “GoogleCL” The Command-Line Tool For Accessing Web Services. GoogleCL is a command-line utility that provides access to various Google services. The GoogleCL command-line interface empowers users to control the contents sites of YouTube, Blogger, and Picasa to adding appointments to Google Apps sites of Docs, Calendar, and Contacts. It is fully supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac.

GoogleCL is written using Python, making use of gdata-python-client library for Google Data API calls. GoogleCL currently support Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Picasa and Youtube. The concept is based on open-source software project that is hosted on Google Code and distributed under the Apache license.

For example, users can organize a photo album, alter a document in a text editor, delete all blog posts stating a specific word, list all videos, or add a calendar appointment. This will help developers write scripts for auto updating the services from their programs. In various cases, a user just wishes to skip brower interface and sue the faster command line options.

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