Google Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WEOW) Service in India

WEWO LogoTo help women entrepreneurs in India, Google recently launched Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WEOW). Women Entrepreneurs on the Web teaches participants how to use web-based technologies to improve and grow their businesses. WEOW is divided into five different units or “circles,” all designed for women entrepreneurs with varied degrees of online presence and expertise. Entrepreneurs at various stages in their startups can enter the program through any of these circles.

  • Building an online presence: creating a website, a YouTube channel, and a business page on a social network like Google+[advt]
  • Collaborating effectively: tools like Gmail, Calendar and Docs
  • Connecting with customers: hosting Google+ Hangouts, creating and distributing targeted offers and discounts
  • Promoting your organization: online product demos, creating viral videos on YouTube, advertising through AdWords and AdSense
  • Tracking and optimizing your online presence: Google Analytics, Google Alerts, ripples on Google+, the +1 button, webmaster tools

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