Google Pack Now Includes Free StarOffice, not OpenOffice

StarOffice, Sun’s office suite with features comparable to Microsoft Office, is now in Google Pack.

StarOffice is free through Google Pack, saving USD 70 when buying from Sun. For people in India, USD 70 is very costly and this is a cool offer through Google Pack.

The StarOffice download is 144 MB. Since Google Updater has the pause download feature, you can pause and resume the download when not using the internet connection for other urgent work.

Wondering why did not Google add the popular open source software OpenOffice…? Does Sun pay Google fot his inclusion? I don’t think so. This could be a mutual agreement to promote their product and work together against Microsoft’s monopoly in office products.

If you already has installed Google Updater, the StarOffice may not appear in the Google Pack list until the Google Updater software is updated in your computer. You may either have to wait until Google automatically updates the software in your computer or uninstall and reinstall it manually.

For those who doesn’t know about Google pack, it is a selection of software by Google, available for free. The pack currently includes Google Earth, Norton Security Scan, Google Desktop, Firefox with Google Toolbar, Adobe Reader, Skype, Google Toolbar for IE, Spyware Doctor, Picasa, Google Photos Screensaver, Google Talk and StarOffice.

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