Google Online Spreadsheet is Coming

Google is coming up with an online spreadsheet version named Google Spreadsheets.
Currently Google Labs accepting email address to send you an invitation to sue the limited version.

  • You can create basic spreadsheets from scratch, upload spreadsheet files in XLS or CSV, with familiar desktop feel for editing.
  • Also, share the spreadsheet with others and decide who can access your spreadsheets.
  • Multiple people can edit or view your spreadsheet at the same time as you – their names will appear in an on-screen chat window.
  • You can edit from anywhere from supported browsers. The file is stored online and auto-saved.
  • You can save your spreadsheets to your own computer in CSV, XLS and HTML formats.

Google Spreadsheets will be very much useful for small businesses and online businesses. The GMail for emailing and communication, Google Calendar to track the schedule and Writely for word processing. Hopefully Google will soon come up with Google Presentations too. Better yet, a Google Web Conferencing system will help a lot. Is Google planning for a Google Online Desktop which can give the use a terminal server/Citrix kind of desktop with all the Google systems together and allowing to save documents and emails in a single system with Search functionality?

I wonder how effective Google will be in competing with Windows Live, which is also aimed at small businesses. One thing for sure is that Google will not pose any threat to Microsoft office desktop editions, until Google has strong plans to market the Openoffice along with Sun Microsystems.

Recently Google had acquired, The Web Word Processor. I think, soon this will be converted into Google Word Processor.

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