Google ebookstore Offers Free and Paid Books for Android, iPhone and eReaders

Google had launched a brand new online book store called Google ebookstore, which offers eBooks in a wide range of categories. Google eBooks collections include free books available in public domain and also licensed versions which you need to purchase for reading. The ebookstore is currently available only in US and by early 2011, the service will be available for the international community.

Google ebookstore allows you to read any book from over 3 million titles on your preferred device. All you need is an internet connection on your PC or on any of your compatible device such as Android phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and eReaders.

Reading Google eBooks on Android & Apple devices

Google eBooks Apps help you to read your favorite books on your Android phone or Apple device. Apps are available for download at Google website for Android phones and Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Once you install the required application on your device, you can access the Google mobile eBookstore via the app.

Reading Google eBooks on eBook readers

Google eBooks is compatible with all eBook readers which support the Adobe eBook platform. Adobe eBook platform supported devices include Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook. You can view the full list of Google eBook supported devices at Adobe.

You can get eBooks to your suppported eBook reader either via a wireless connection or by connecting the device via USB to a computer running the Adobe Digital Editions. [Adobe Digital Edition is a desktop application which helps you to organize and read eBooks on Windows and Mac computers.]

Reading Google eBooks on your Computer

Google eBooks can be read on your PC with Web Reader. The Web Reader tool automatically starts when you  access any of your purchased or free eBook from Google ebookstore. On clicking the thumbnail of any book, you will get direct access to Web Reader which offers reading in full screen mode.

Offline reading of eBooks

Google ebookstore also allow you to read your eBooks while you are offline. Offline reading is available in Android and Apple Mobile apps and eReaders. However offline reading using Web Reader on your computer is currently not supported.

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