Geolocate, Store and Organize Photos with Panoramio

PanoramioPanoramio is an online application, which enables digital photographers to geolocate, store and organize their photographs and to view those photographs in Google Earth and Google Maps. It is different from other photo sharing sites because the photos illustrate places. Panoramio helps to link photos and places. You can store up to 2 Gb, aproximately 2000 photos with 4 Mega Pixels camera. our photos are stored at your personal area in their original size and quality.

Panoramio is a community photo-sharing site for geo-located images. Photos uploaded to Panoramio show up on its website, as well as other places such as Google Earth and Google Maps.


[advt]With Panoramio, you can track the sites from which your photos have been viewed in visually appealing and intuitive reports.

Panoramio Stats helps you identify your most recently viewed and most popular photos, and lets you know about new referral sites so you can track the latest online activity around your photos and figure out what types, styles or genres of your photos generate the most interest and help you improve your craft.

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