Blipfoto – Online Daily Photo Journal (Photoblogging Service)

Blipfoto is an online daily photo journal which lets you publish one image each day, starting on the date you sign up.┬áBlipfoto insist that any photographs you upload are taken on the date you’re uploading them against. If you upload an image and date it 1st January, the picture must have been taken on 1st January.

The goal of the site is to get amateurs and pros alike to challenge themselves into uploading one unique photo per day. There is one simple rule for the site, if you upload an image on any given day, it must have been taken that day, there will be no cheating.

Upon uploading, the photos are displayed on a flat grey background so there isn’t any distraction from patterned backs, making it total gallery style. Photos can be flipped like a book, or a date can be selected from a calendar displayed on the page.

With Blipfoto, you can make title and description. Title and description area is available, and comments can be posted for each photo so people can stop by and leave their thoughts.


  • Take a photo and update your journal on the move[advt]
  • Poor signal? Store your entry details for later
  • Browse up to 10 pages of the latest entries, favourites & subscribed journals
  • View entries in landscape mode, or tap an image to see it fullscreen
  • Manage your subscriptions, and add entries to favourites (members only)
  • Read and add new comments
  • View your latest comments & notifications
  • Search the entire Blipfoto collection
  • Improved interface

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