Generate Strong Password Using Extreme Password Generator Pro

Extreme Password Generator Pro (EPG Pro) is a password generator utility which allows users to generate strong, difficult to crack random passwords. EPG Pro can be used by individual home computer users or large organizations.

EPG Pro is very easy to use. Simply start the program, choose the length of the desired password, choose the number of passwords to be generated and finally customize your passwords as you like and finally click on ‘Generate’ and your password(s) will be generated instantly.


  • Customize password use password templates
  • Add prefixes and suffixes to generated password
  • Generate as many passwords as you want[advt]
  • Configurable password length parameters
  • Configurable list of charasters required for password
  • Copy generated passwords to windows clipboard
  • Ability to generate random passwords with random length
  • Ability to generate easy-to-remember passwords
  • Ability to import usernames list and generate passwords for them

Download Extreme Password Generator Pro (EPG Pro)

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