Gametel – Gaming Accessory for all Android Phones and Tablets

Gametel is a gaming accessory for all Android phones and tablets. It’s a Bluetooth controller mainly for Android. But also works with other systems with Bluetooth like iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Windows. For people that want a better gaming experience with real buttons instead of a touch display.

Capacity 250 mAh
Type Rechargable Li Pol
Gaming time 9 Hours
Stand by time <5 Months
Charging via USB cable
Size and Weight
Size 120 x 67 x 24 mm
Weight 80g
Navigation 4 (controlled with left thumb)
Action 4 (controlled with right thumb)
Firing 2 (controlled with index fingers)
Select 1
Power 1
Communication Green
Charge indicator Red
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Android v2.1 and above
iPhone & iPad iCade support
Universal retractable phone holder with rubber grip to protect phone surface.

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