Friday Life Search Android App Captures Travel Routes, Events

Friday‘ is a life search application launched by the Kerala-based Mobile products development company, Dexetra. Friday brings in Self Discovery to smartphones.

In day to day life, you carry your smartphone with you almost all the time, but its ‘smartness’ is merely as your jukebox, camera or a play station, apart from being a communication device.  With the Friday app, your smartphone takes every bit of information you can give and builds a personality, a journal, an oracle that knows you and could give you answers from your own life. Friday helps you discover yourself, what you do, where you go, whom you talk to and much more.

Friday turns your android ‘smarter’. It captures your life in terms of what you do with your phone and makes it available for you to explore later. Yo are never going to forget a single thing in your life anymore.

The Friday android app captures all the routes that you travel and even shows events (calls, notes, photos, and music) that happened on the way.

Key Features

Analytics: With friday, you know how many calls you are making each day, Who is sending you mails and how many contacts you actually get in touch with. You know who your most frequently called contacts are, places at which you spend time the most and much more.

Answers: Ask friday questions pertaining to you and it returns aacurate information in the form of events such as calls, places, mails, notes, etc. Dont remember who called you while you were at the cinema? Ask Friday!

Journal: Ever wanted to write a journal every night before you go to sleep? Friday itself is a journal auto written. You can add your notes and voice memos to it to make it richer. And you can search them too.

Install Friday App for your Android Phone

Friday is in Private alpha. First register at and once you receive an invite, you can download the app from Android market. Unless you are invited, Friday won’t work, even if you download it.

[androidqrcode: com.dex.friday]You can just ask Friday questions about your life and Friday will give you answers. Friday can understand English and answer pretty much anything about your life, that the phone can track.

Questions like:

  • Calls which I made when I was in Paris
  • All mails I received on last Monday.
  • Songs which I listened when the phone was charging.

[advt]Friday is like your faithful companion which keep track of your life Friday is also like a Journal and you can go back to any day of your life and see what you did. Friday can give you detailed analytics of your patterns. Like

  • How much calls you make to your girlfriend!
  • How many places you visited yesterday!, etc.



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