Free Online Color Editor – Aviary Toucan Web Based Tool

ToucanToucan is a free and web based tool for creating color theme. Using Toucan, you can view color palettes in a variety of ways. With Toucan you can choose color from images and photos. The program is based in color combination, where users can create any sort of color swatches and palettes. Toucan color palettes can be used alone or in conjunction with other creation tools.


The web app inadvertently knows exactly which colors go together and can tell you 20 different ways a color set can be changed and contrasted while still keeping it appealing.

The color swatches and palettes tool in the Toucan will help you find colors you didn’t even know exist. Toucan gives you the features you need to inject color into your creative process. You can import images from Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook as well.


  • [advt]Pick and analyze
  • Color associations
  • Share and learn
  • Import from popular photo-sharing sites
  • Complementary suite of creation tools

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