Free Flip Paper Maker – Converts Text Files to Flip Page Effect

Free Flip Paper Maker is free software that converts your thesis, presentation, catalog to flip paper with page turning effect. You can make your original txt files to flip paper. Compared with traditional files, flip paper is easier to preserve and organize. And the most important thing is that you can also easier to publish it online and make it readable on mac, ipad, iphone and even Android mobile devices. Let your readers enjoy new experience of reading.  No limited pages, no professional skills required, no much time to cost, no money to pay, only need your two mouse clicks to convert txt files to flip paper.

Download Free Flip Paper Maker


  • Customize the flipping time if you would like to make it to turn pages faster or slower
  • Set home page URL: make your flipbook links with home page, company website
  • Left to right and right to left flipping effect
  • Book frame bar make digital book more realistic
  • Easy to overview from thumbnail
  • Tool bars on top or botto
  • [advt]Turn on or off page-turning sound
  • Search: overall search in flip book, highlight color and search characters are customized
  • Easy and fast to import with txt files
  • Two or more languages can be used at the same time: you can edit current language file or add a new language to display your page-flipping ebook. Readers can click “Change Language” button to view the ebook in their prefer language.
  • Print: You can print all pages, current pages, or several pages( you can set print range)
  • DIY top/ bottom/ left/ right Margin of flip book
  • Burn to CD
  • Google Analytics Integration: Add your own google analytics ID.
  • Four output types: HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP

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