Free Download Cuivo Price Check Add-on for Firefox

Ciuvo is a browser add-on which finds the best deal for you. Ciuvo finds best deals for your wanted product. Price check, comparison, customer reviews and product videos right in your web browser. It enhances your web experience by presenting contextually relevant information in real-time. It provides not just with the best price but also with relevant videos, pictures, customer reviews and availability near your location. This Price check add-on looks for best offers for the same product which you are viewing on a website, across the web. It shows you the best offers associated with the product.

Download Ciuvo-Price check

Features of This Price Check Add-on

  • Works in the background automatically.
  • Includes Separate toolbar.
  • Shows you best offers across the web.
  • Shows you reviews, videos related to a product.
  • Available for other browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Internet explorer 8 & 9.

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