Add MS Word to All Applications – Download Smart Type Assistant

Smart Type Assistant is a system management tool and a complex system-wide typing automation software. This type assistant software works everywhere on your computer where you need to type text. This type assistant includes user-friendly options like autocorrect, auto-replace, hotkey, sounds and exceptions. It will help you to recall what you wrote some time ago, and to restore important documents after Windows crashes. It automatically stores everything you type in the strongly encrypted file, which can be protected with a password. Smart Type Assistant’s basic purpose was to add some useful Microsoft Word features to every application you use.

Download Smart Type Assistant

Features of Smart Type Assistant

  • Completely free type assistant.
  • Easy to use.
  • Windows utility software.[advt]
  • Make it run on Windows startup.
  • Assign sounds to keys on keyboard.
  • Autocorrect and auto replace options for enhancing typing.
  • Click2Paste list for pasting text from the list in a single click.

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