Folder Colorizer – Download Free Folder Coloring Application

Folder Colorizer is a folder coloring application. It allows you to change the color of your folders, allowing you to immediately recognize the ones you want and leave the others in a default color theme. It will allow you to simple label all you folders in whatever color you like.

Download Folder Colorizer 

[advt]It’s often hard to find the specific folder you need when you have tons of them in a single place, and in a folder which includes many others within it, it often impossible, therefore the best way to deal with this would be to simply color in a different way the ones you need and leave the others as they are, and with Folder Colorizer you can finally do that.

Besides files and folders, users can change directory colors in order to make them cool, lively, and interesting. For those who like more than one color, it is possible to assign different colors to the top, middle, and bottom of any given folder.

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