Fing – Tool for Network Discovery and Scanning

Fing is a tool for network management: network discovery, service scan (TCP port scan), ping, traceroute, DNS lookup. [androidqrcode:]It give advantage of a brand new cross-platform network engine, it reaches an impressive discovery sharpness and speed.

Network discovery and network scan with 100% hit in any ethernet-based network. TCP port scanner in any IP-based network with integrated launch of third-party Apps for SSH, Telnet, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SAMBA.

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  • Network discovery
    The network discovery provides you a complete view of any network in a very short time: fing smart discovery automatically detects the network type and uses the best technique to take the picture of it.
  • Service discovery
    The service discovery feature quickly detects active TCP services on a target host or network. Service discovery also gives its best with ethernet-based networks, where TCP SYN scan technique can be applied to audit active services on any host in few seconds.
  • Host ping
    The ping feature measures the round-trip time for packets sent by Fing to a destination host. Ping results can be exported to various formats (like text, CSV, XML, HTML), so that it is actually possible not only to use it as a command line administrative tool, but also integrated with your 3rd party applications.

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