TinEye Image Identification Extension – Find Out Source of an Image

TinEye is a reverse image search engine. You can submit an image to TinEye to find out where it came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or to find higher resolution versions. TinEye is the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks. It is free to use for non-commercial searching.

Images uploaded to TinEye are not added to the search index, nor are they made accessible to other users. Copyright for all images submitted to TinEye remains with the original owner/author.

Why Use TinEye?

  • Find out where an image came from, or get more information about it
  • Research or track the appearance of an image online
  • Find higher resolution versions of an image
  • Locate web pages that make use of an image you have created
  • Discover modified or edited versions of an image

How it works?

When you submit an image to be searched, TinEye creates a unique and compact digital signature or ‘fingerprint’ for it, then compares this fingerprint to every other image in our index to retrieve matches. TinEye does not typically find similar images (i.e. a different image with the same subject matter); it finds exact matches including those that have been cropped, edited or resized.

TinEye Browser Plugins

TinEye browser plugins are one of the fastest way to search for web images right from your browser. With the plugin installed, select any web image you come across to search for it on TinEye.[advt]

Install TinEye Plugin for Firefox

Install TinEye Plugin for Google Chrome

Install TinEye Plugin for Internet Explorer

Install TinEye Plugin for Safari

What kind of images can I submit to TinEye?

  • File type: JPEG, PNG and GIF image are all acceptable.
  • Image dimensions: TinEye works best with images that are at least 300 pixels in either dimension, but can accept images as low as 100 pixels in either dimension.
  • File size: 1 megabyte is the maximum file size.
  • Watermarked images: For best results, visibly watermarked images should be avoided as TinEye may search for the watermark and not the image itself.

Search images submitted by unregistered users are automatically discarded after 72 hours. Links to these searches will stop working after 72 hours, unless a registered user happens to save the same image.

Search images submitted by registered users are saved, if search history is enabled in their user Profile. Saved searches are available from the History page, and permanent URL links to any saved search can be bookmarked or shared with friends.

The free for non-commercial use version of TinEye at tineye.com allows you to do up to 50 searches per day, up to 150 searches per week. If you exceed your search limit, or want to use TinEye for commercial use you may purchase a paid version of TinEye which allows for virtually unlimited search by pre-paid bundles. The paid version of TinEye includes a user interface for easy manual searching, as well as an API for more advanced automated searching. Alternatively, you may wait until the next day to continue searching at tineye.com, once your search limit has been reset.

TinEye Extension for Chrome


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