Find Out Current Location of Your Friends – Download Find My Friends

Find My Friends makes it possible to find out where your friends are currently located. It enables you to send a request to your friends, and providing they also have the app installed, they will be able to share their location with you. You can view the location of your friends that have chosen to share their information on a map and this data can be used in a variety of ways. If you are planning on meeting up with people in an unknown location, it can be used to keep track of where you are in relation to each other. It is even able to provide directions to make it easier to meet up.

Download Find My Friends

[advt]Parents may well be interested in using the app to keep an eye on where their children are, but this will involve convincing them to share their location. For anyone concerned about the privacy implications of broadcasting their location, there are simple options available that enables you to control what is shared, to whom, and when.

In order to make use of Find My Friends you need to be using an iPhone, iPod or iPad running iOS 5, as well as having an iCloud account. If you do not already have an iCloud account, you have the option of creating one from within the app.

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