FeedRoller – Customizable Desktop News Ticker

FeedRoller is a lightweight, easy to use RSS and Twitter feed ticker that shows scrolling headlines from your favorite news sites, blogs and twitter accounts, directly on your desktop. The ticker can be placed along the top or bottom of your screen and can auto-hide whenever your mouse moves near the ticker, allowing you to use all of your desktop space as usual. It does not need any installation.

FeedRoller has a customizable keyboard shortcuts to pause the scrolling, pin the ticker and visit the news item. You can control and navigate the ticker with keyboard shortcuts and also switch to a temporary Do-Not-Disturb mode at any time.

FeedRoller can be customized in many aspect, including ticker font and size, color, speed, layout and transparency. It May be “pinned” to the desktop or automatically hide when the computer is in use.  Other features include OPML import/export and auto-suspend when full screen application or games are used.


  • Supports RSS, and Atom feed format.[advt]
  • Shows news title, summary, age and source.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Can import and export feeds from other feed readers using OPML.
  • Supports subscribing to feeds directly from Firefox.
  • Portable.

feedroller screenshot


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