Far Manager – Free Software for Managing Files and Archives

FAR Manager free software that works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions: viewing files and directories, editing, copying and renaming files and many other operations. It has a multi-language, easily configurable interface. File system navigation is made easier through the use of color highlighting and file sort groups.

The functionality of FAR Manager is greatly extended by external DLL modules – plugins. For example, archive support, the FTP client, the temporary panel and the network browser are all implemented as plugins included in the standard distribution of FAR.

Download FAR Manager 


  •  easy to use menu driven, one-touch interface with mouse support
  •  drag and drop facility for copy and move operations
  •  easy configurable options: internal/external file viewer and text editor, file operation associations for certain file types, panel view and file sorting modes
  •  long file name support
  • [advt] NTFS “compressed” and “encrypted” (Win2K) attribute and hard/symbolic links support
  •  plugin modules and commands: default plugins set includes archive management plugin, FTP client, network browser, print manager and temporary panel, but you may write your own plugins
  •  tunable configuration, color scheme customization
  •  online help
  •  user menu
  •  clipboard functions

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