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eeba-logoEasy Envelope Budget Aid is an online envelope budgeting system for Android, mobile Web & the Web. EEBA is an Envelope Budgeting System available as an Android mobile application, optimized for mobile Web, and accessible online. EEBA is a personal and family budget planner perfect for proactive expense tracking and money management.

EEBA is a personal/household finance app for money management and budget tracking.

It is also known as Zero-based budgeting, the Envelope Method, or the Cash method. In short, it is effective, proactive expense tracking.

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How can EEBA help?

EEBA makes the envelope budgeting system available whenever and wherever you are – online, on the mobile Web, and as an Android mobile application.

  • EEBA is safe. Don’t carry cash around with you in envelopes. Manage your money virtually. Account security and privacy are of the utmost importance to EEBA.
  • [advt]EEBA is always available. EEBA is expense tracking at your fingertips as an Android mobile application. No Android phone? No problem! EEBA is also optimized for mobile Web and accessible online.
  • Share family budget envelopes. EEBA is ideal for family budgets. Whether on your Android, on the mobile Web, or online, share all your envelopes with the family.

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EEBA is a proactive budgeting tool – an accessible and smart shared budget management tool. Use EEBA anytime, anywhere. Share EEBA budget envelopes with the entire household. Customize EEBA budget envelopes to fit your needs.

3-way access: Web, Mobile Web and Android

Access the EEBA budgeting tool three ways – Web, Mobile Web and Android mobile phone. View balances and enter transactions from anywhere, with or without a cell signal or Wi-Fi.

Shared Budget Envelopes

EEBA is a shared budget management tool. Share budget envelopes with your household. Spend out of the same virtual envelopes and be up-to-the-minute up-to-date. Even with more than one spender in the household. No more painful week-end reconciliations or, “I didn’t know you spent that?!

Smart Payees

Common payees suggested as you type. Your own payees remembered for next time.

NEW Now even smarter! Your GPS location is used to suggest Payees you’ve used when you’re in the vicinity for even less typing! Not interested? No problem. Turn it off in Settings.

Expenses the Way You Think About Them

  • Customizable categories
  • Tagging. e.g., #tax for tax-deductible expenses
  • Support for splits

Flexible Budgeting Periods

Supports monthly, semi-monthly, weekly and bi-weekly budgeting. Plus annual and irregular expenses.


All different ways of visualizing your budget—and staying in control of your spending.

  • Expense breakdown
  • Month-over-month expense comparison
  • Envelope balances
  • Budget allocation

Plus, so much more!

  • Flexible refilling: reset, refill or specify amount to add to each envelope.
  • Transaction history, export and searching
  • Envelope-to-envelope transfers
  • Charts for at-a-glance status
  • $, £, ¥, € support plus hundreds of other currencies.


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