Facebook Timeline Goes Live for All Users

Facebook LogoFacebook Timeline – transforming the user profile into a virtual scrapbook that shows everything you done on facebook in a timely manner, is now available to all users. Beta version of Timeline was first launched for developers on late September.

Instead of merely listing your interests and personal info, the Timeline shows a detailed overview of your life on Facebook, with the ability to check out what you’ve been out to at a particular point in time.

Timeline comes with a new tool called the Activity Log, which enables you to finely tune what appears on your Timeline; you can “promote” a post to featured status, you can hide it from the Timeline or delete it altogether.

Timeline will also be available on Android devices as well as the mobile version of Facebook – m.facebook.com.

Like all major Facebook redesigns, Timeline was greeted with a fair share of criticism. Some users were concerned about Facebook’s request that users add even more personal info, as well as the fact that Timeline makes this info easily accessible, which could lead to identity theft.

Facebook is implementing a seven day grace period, where you can review anything that appears on the timeline and decide whether you want anyone to see it. However, once you upgrade to Timeline, that new profile will “go live” at the end of the seven-day review period.

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