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slideIT-logoSlideIT provides a revolutionary new way to enter text on touchscreen devices. Just slide your finger along the letters, and watch it type your message! It is one of the best text entry solutions for touch screen phones. SlideIT keyboard is an excellent tool for entering text, replacing your touchscreen keyboard. SlideIT keyboard enables users to dramatically improve writing speed with practically no learning curve.

Instead of entering text by tapping on the keyboard letters, SlideIT keyboard eases texting by sliding a finger along the keyboard letters, while the words “magically” appear on the screen. SlideIT is available for Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

SlideIt provides 5 Efficient Modes for Entering Text. SlideIT is the only available solution which supports the following modes for entering text

  • Tapping: Start tapping a word while SlideIT’s powerful prediction engine produces a choice of predicted texts for your selection.
  • Sliding: Get the desired word by sliding your finger along the keyboard.
  • PredictiveSliding: Get the desired word by sliding your finger along the keyboard – no need to complete the sliding (excellent for long words).
  • [advt]Tappingand Sliding: Tap and Slide together! Change the entry mode at any time.
  • MixedTapping & Sliding: Mix tapping and sliding – even on the same word! Start with tapping and continue sliding (or vice-versa). Prediction is available – there is no need to complete the tapping or sliding.

Download SlideIT for Android ($5.99)
Download SlideIT for Symbian (€3.00)
Download SlideIT for Windows Mobile (It is completely free)

Integrated Features

SlideIT successfully integrates multiple features such as sliding, tapping, predictive text, disambiguation, shortcuts and graffiti, offering the user a friendly layout and an intuitive user interface.

  • Keyboard skins and size: Dark? Light? Big? Small? SlideIT has many different skins with a polished, clear look at any keyboard size and resolution available for download. So everybody can choose a look and size to match their preference.
  • Predictive Sliding: SlideIT is the only available solution that supports predictive text suggestions while sliding. Other applications provide prediction only when tapping.
  • Accuracy: You don’t have to be accurate – Dasur’s pattern recognition engine provides the precision. SlideIT has the unique ability to recognize a word even when the sliding path is highly distorted. In regular daily use, the SlideIT recognition rate remains very high, even when the user slides quickly and with low accuracy.
  • Fastest Learning Curve: Feedback indicates that it usually takes a few minutes to get used to the application, and within a few hours, users double and triple their writing speed.
  • Lightweight Application: SlideIT requires few resources on your touch screen device, using under 2 MB of memory per language (for the dictionary). Dasur’s optimized engine uses minimal CPU and saves on battery power consumption.

 Main Features

  • Skins: Dark? Light? Blue? No matter the way you like your keyboard, we have it. With many skins available for download, you can choose the look that matches you.
  • Sliding: Sliding mode enables the user to enter words by using a sliding motion. Just slide your finger along the letters… and the words “magically” appear.
  • On-The-Fly Suggestions: When your finger stops its motion while remaining on the screen, the keyboard will provide suggestions in the keyboard banner
  • Prediction: SlideIT integrates powerful prediction capabilities. The predictions appear in the keyboard banner, while tapping or sliding, together with on-line and off-line spelling corrections.
  • Tapping Followed by Sliding: Prefer tapping? Or maybe Sliding? Why not both? You can mix tapping and sliding capabilities in the same word. SlideIT can handle anything.
  • Long Press for Single Number, Symbol or diacritics letter: Many symbols, numbers and special characters can be reached from the main layout. Just press and hold, and the related symbol will be displayed on the screen.
  • Multilanguagesupport: SlideIT has over 40(!) freely available language packs and keyboard layouts for download. Whether you write in Icelandic, Serbian, Catalan or Arabic you can still SlideIT!
  • Disambiguation: The SlideIT disambiguation facility offers a set of suggestions in the keyboard banner corresponding to the tapped letters or the sliding path.
  • On\Off line Corrections: Automatic correction of entered text to letters that are close to the ones entered. No need to worry about precision or about stopping on double letters means faster sliding!
  • Resize Keyboard Height: Want to resize the keyboard height? Just make a long press on the + sign and drag the keyboard up or down.
  • Shortcuts Options: You can insert whole phrases with just a few letters. Just tap or slide ASAP, LOL or BTW to insert the whole phrase. You can even add your own!
  • Manage Shortcuts: How to Add, Remove and Modify Shortcuts
  • ABC mode: ABC mode is like a regular keyboard. No prediction, disambiguation or sliding will be available. Useful for entering URLs, names, passwords and words in CamelCase.
  • Automatic Capitalization: SlideIT can automaticaly capitilize almost anywhere needed. It will capitilize the first word in a sentence or the word ‘I’.
  • Automatic space: You can slide word after word without stopping to tap the space between words. You can just slide and slide and slide…
  • Dictionary customization: SlideIT comes with fully customizable dictionaries. Do you use a word that is not in the dictionary often? Add it! Don’t like the word ‘dictionary’? Remove it!
  • Don’t Use Character Diacritics: For sending SMS messages without diacritic characters. Diacritics will not display on the editor, as the keyboard replaces them with corresponding non-diacritic letters.
  • Symbols Layout: SlideIT includes many symbols for you to use at the tap of a few buttons. Currencies, punctuation and many more are easy to reach.
  • Graffiti: Does the sight of a keyboard make you uneasy? In graffiti mode, you can just draw numbers or symbols on a blank pad. Excellent for entering long numbers.
  • Speech Recognition: Ever try to write a memo while driving? No need to hunt down the speech app buried deep in your menu. Speech recognition is right on your keyboard.


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