Enigma Virtual Box – Free Tool to Combine all Files into Single

Enigma Virtual Box is a free tool that can combine all the files used by an application into a single module. It allows you to consolidate all files and registry used by your application into a single executable file without having to extract virtual files to the disk. With Enigma Virtual Box, you can virtualize any types of files, dynamic libraries (*.dll), ActiveX/COM objects (*.dll, *.ocx), video and music files (*.avi, *.mp3), text files (*.txt, *.doc), etc. Enigma Virtual Box does not extract temporary files to the HDD; file emulation is performed in the process memory only.

Download Enigma Virtual Box

Normally people will be able to browse an installation and examine or take whatever files they like: images, audio files, videos, DLLs, OCXs and more. But here they’ll all be compacted into a single module, and not even extracted to your hard drive at run time (the unpacking occurs in RAM), so your software will be much more difficult to examine. You need to point Enigma Virtual Box at your application folder, and its core executable file, and – well, that may be enough.

There are other options available if you need them, though, including optional Registry virtualization, making this an excellent way to protect your software investment. The authors also produce a more powerful commercial Enigma Protector build, though, which adds additional layers of security to prevent your code from being analyses.

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