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BitFinder is a free easy to use duplicate file finder that will free up space on hard drive and thus improve your computer’s performance. BitFinder is a tool developed to make the monotonous work of looking for duplicated files into a simple and easy job. It can save the user precious time thanks to its automated search. Bitfinder, you simply specify where to look, click search and the software begins its search to find duplicate files. Within a few minutes, this duplicate file searching application, will display all duplicate files found.

This useful duplicate file searcher has, as mentioned, an easy-to-use main interface with all instructions written in easily understandable language – even a complete novice will be able to run the program. With all duplicate files displayed, you may delete duplicate files by “checking” them in the displayed list; lists of files are displayed in group numbers. In order to understand this “grouping”, allow me to explain. If, in the event two or more copies of the same file are found, a “number” is given and displayed with all those files. This means, if three copies of the same text file are found, those three identical text files will be classed as one group. The same would happen for  music, image and other files that are copies of each other. In short, all duplicates are kept in their own groups.

Free Download Bitfinder


  • Shell context menu integration.
  • A fast search mode.
  • Search results exportable.
  • Bitfinder supports both SHA1 and MD5 hash.
  • Full and complete UAC support.
  • Excellent file filtering.

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