DropGallery – Drag and Drop Images and Share Photos Online

DropGalleryDropGallery is an online application for getting your photos online. With DropGallery, you can just add them to the dropgallery folder on your computer and they magicallyshow up in your personal online public or private photo galleries.


DropGallery was created to provide you with the simplest, easiest, and most convenient way possible to safely back up, view, and share your images with your friends, family, clients, and co-workers. DropGallery is the easiest way to backup, synch, and share your photos.

The process is simple:

  • [advt]Download and install the DropGallery application
  • Register your account
  • Drag photos into the DropGallery folder on your desktop

Drag and drop your photos into the DropGallery folder that appears in your Pictures file on your computer. You do not have to log into a website, or upload one photo at a time. Once you have installed the program and set up your account, DropGallery does all of the work for you. Just drag and drop your photos.

DropGallery syncs everything you put in your DropGallery to your DropGallery Online. Your DropGallery Online is available for you to use from any computer anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

With DropGallery, you can share your DropGallery – Drag and Drop Images and Share Photos Onlinephotos with your friends and family anywhere anytime by copying and pasting a link to your email and sending it to them.

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