Download Xfire Plugin for Pidgin IM Client

Gfire-LogoGfire is an open-source plugin for the Pidgin Instant Messenger client. It allows users to connect to the Xfire Gaming network and chat to your friends. Gfire currently allows you to chat with your friends, add and remove friends, view Xfire profile and join your friend’s game, group chat, clan support and file transfer.

Gfire is mainly for Linux users to be able to connect to the Xfire network (since there isn’t a native Linux client), but Windows users can use the Plugin as well. All you need is a Windows or Linux computer, Pidgin 2.5+ and you’re ready to use Gfire!

The Gfire project is under the GPLv3 license. You can freely download, use and edit the code.

It allows you to connect and communicate on the Xfire network, using the Pidgin IM client. You can now IM all your Xfire friends, as well as on MSN, Yahoo, AIM and many more!

Download GFire

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