Download User Agent Switcher Add-On for Chrome

The User-Agent Switcher add-on for google chrome browser is a user-user spoofer that can trick web sites into thinking that you are visiting using a completely different web browser.

If you are a fan of Google Chrome and you have encountered web sites that do not load correctly, or maybe even do not load at all, you may find this add on to be helpful.

Once installed, the add-on can be accessed from the right of the omnibar. Click the button and the drop down menu that appears can be used to select the browser you would like to pretend to be using. There are a number of browsers to choose from including both Mac and Windows versions of Safari.

Download The User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

[advt]Even when the extension does allow you to take on the guise of the web browser you want, it is not a guarantee that problematic sites will load, and you may well find that additional problems start to arise. For site the add-on does work with, you can opt to spoof a particular browser every time you visit it to save having to manually switch, but in reality you’ll probably find it is easier and more reliable to simply install multiple browsers.

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