Download UniRed Unicode Plain Text Editor

UniRed is a Unicode plain text editor. It supports many different character sets, as well as surrogates. It also supports syntax highlighting and regular expressions in search-and-replace.

It supports many charsets, in particular:

  • 16-bit Unicode (little endian and big endian)
  • UTF-8
  • Windows system charset (ANSI)
  • DOS system charset (OEM)
  • Latin-1, Latin-2, Latin-3 etc
  • Cyrillic charsets: cp866, windows-1251, koi8-r

Download UniRed

Besides it allows to use HTML-style presentation of Unicode symbols, like &#345, also it allows using of «surrogates», i.e. instead of Unicode symbol in the file is a combination of letters. And another important feature of UniRed is the ability to search and replace pieces of text by regular expressions. It can co-operate with the spell-checker ISpell, allowing checking spelling in any language, it can call external compilers, it can browse structure of program etc.

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