Download TreeDBNotes – Stores Information in Tree-Structured Form

TreeDBNotes stores and represents your information in a tree-structured form. Each node in the tree represents an associated note where you can store text information with WordPad-like formatting. It is convenient notes manager with a variety of additional functions. To edit notes, have all the necessary functions: font, size, color, features a paragraph and background. A powerful and convenient editor of the tables. There are a function of imports and exports from other formats.
Download TreeDBNotes


  • styles, searching, replacing, checking spelling, links, printing, etc. All information is stored in one file.
  • It’s very convenient to use at work and at home, as well as during visits or travels.
  • You will always be with the necessary information.
  • The program is not demanding to computer system resources and does not take much memory and place.
  • To see all the opportunities we suggest you download our demo file.
  • Here is a small collection of electronic books created with the TreeDBNotes.
  • Look, can find something useful to you.

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