Download TinyResMeter – Free Tool to Display Information About System

TinyResMeter is a small free tool that displays useful information about system resources in real time, but it also gives much more detail when you rightclick on the displayed fields. It is used in windows.

Download TinyResMeter

Why TinyResMeter ?

  • It is not the prettiest Resource Monitor.
  • It is not the most complete.
  • It has no wonderful and amazing graphical interface.
  • It has no installer.
  • It is written 90% at pure API level to keep it as small as possible.
  • It does not require any extra non standard DLL.
  • [advt]It does not modify/write inside the Registry (except if you set it to autorun).
  • It uses less memory and resources than most tools of its kind.
  • It uses a very simple but efficient small display interface.
  • It does not use any installer that could increase EXE size; once downloaded you can use it immediately.
  • It can be simply copied and executed on any machine with no need for an installation procedure.

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