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Start my day is a free task automation software, which allows you to do the every day tasks in an automated manner. You just have to select the programs and the web pages that are to be loaded every time you start your computer and it will do this task automatically. You can add file of .url (web pages), .mp3 (only available format for music) and .exe(software and applications) format. You can customize it according to your needs and can set it to do the tasks on selected days. You can select the days you want this application to run and on other days your computer will not open all these things.

Start My Day lets you add applications, web pages and music to its auto load list and it will run all those programs and web pages just after you start your computer. It saves you from going thorough the same way each day to start some specific software and open web pages. You can add things in the list by clicking ADD tab on the upper right side of the application window. You can edit the list any time you want and in any way you want.

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  • The app now support the following extensions: *.ahk; .bat;*.bin; *.cmd;*.exe; *.iso; *msc; *.msi; *.torrent; *.wsf; *.vbs
  • Web is now Compatible with all Web Browsers as I did away with *.url links and added the option to paste web links.
  • Music now supports the following extensions (still saves as WMP Playlist file): *.midi; *.mp3; *.mp4; *.wav; *.wma
  • Video has been added and supports the following extensions (Saves as a WMP Playlist wvx file): *.avi; *.divx; *.mov; *.mpg; *.mpeg; *.wmv; *.xvid *.mkv
  • Documents have been added and supports the following formats: *.accdb; *.cfg; *.dat; *.doc; *.docx; *.ini; *.log; *.mht; *.msg; *.ods; *.one; *.psd; *.xps; *.xlsx; .xlt; *.xls; *.odt; *.pdf; *.pps; *.pptx; *.rtf; *.txt; *.sdb; *.sql; *.wps; *.wks; *.wpd; *.xml
  • Added option to select which dialog, App, Web, Music, Video, Documents, to run at specified alarm time.If you select Music you will not be able to select video and vice versa as this would be a conflict and overwrite each other in your Media Player.
  • [advt]Duplicate entries are checked when adding so that you do not add items more than once.
  • Paste Weblinks directly to the Web List or use the Browse option to add them.
  • Added option to go directly to SMD Forum page for feedback and or help.
  • When you minimize the application it starts the Taskbar Notification area icon. You also have
  • Available Right-Click menu options with the icon to start the alarm or end it.
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed where days did not display correctly.
  • Removed the Settings folder under User Directory and now creates Directories within the Application Directory; and removed the separate About file and embedded it within the application.

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