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SmrtGuard Mobile Security LogoSmrtGuard Mobile Security is an android app that protects your android devices from viruses,spyware and spam. With SmrtGuard Mobile Security, you get the most comprehensive suite of data, device, and personal protection services for your Android.

Download SmrtGuard Mobile Security for Android  

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  • Back up and restore: SmrtGuard automatically and wirelessly backs it up to your secure online account. Easily restore data over-the-air to your device and migrate your data to a new smartphone even across platforms.[advt]
  • Security Against Malware Threats and Spam: With SmrtGuard you can protect your data and device from viruses, spyware and spam.
  • Manage your privacy with application transparency: With SmrtGuard application transparency you get the insight into what your apps have access to and the ability to take control of your privacy.
  • Anti-theft and location tracking: SmrtGuard’s anti-theft and recovery features help you quickly locate, track, and ping your phone so you can get it back, or remotely wipe your phone in case of loss or theft.
  • SIMCard Guardian: If an Unregistered SIM Card is put into the device, SmrtGuard sends a warning email and tracking turns on.
  • Call Blocker: Block unwanted calls and create “blacklists” for those numbers.
  • Personel Guardian: Personel Guardian is the fastest and easiest way to alert others that you are in danger via a call,email,SMS or Twitter message with your GPS location.

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