Download ScanBizCards Biz Card Reader – Android App to Make Bussiness Card

ScanBizCards Biz Card Reader is an Android app that make bussiness card in seconds and add to the address book in 4 easy steps.

  1. Snap or import a photo
  2. Scan (text orientation is automatically detected)
  3. Review and edit results side-by-side with the card image
  4. Add to the address book as a new contact or merge with existing

ScanBizCards Business Card Reader supports the following 22 scanning languages: Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian etc. It is much more than just a business card reader it support for double-sided cards, web-based backup, connecting on LinkedIn and much more.

Download Scan business cards from Android market

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  • Side-by-side image + text editing of scan results
  • Quick Intro email to provide the new contact with your own contact information
  • Option to select from all available address books
  • Option to create new contact or merge with an existing contact
  • Digital card holder with custom folders
  • 3D cover flow viewing of cards
  • Search all cards for specified text
  • Function to forward cards (text + image + VCard)
  • Creating a new contact from clipboard text (such as email signatures)
  • Automatic detection of text orientation
  • Support for flipping images on devices with front-facing cameras

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